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Velvet Drive by Borg-Warner

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Dimensions / Ratings
IN-LINE Transmissions Page BW-DR1
CR2-DROP CENTER Transmissions Page BW-DR2
V-DRIVE Transmissions Page BW-DR3

Parts Index
Direct Drives
Foward & Reverse portion Inline & V-Drive Page BW-01

Inline Unit Reductions
Models 71C, 72C (Early production) Ratio 1.523:1 Page BW-02a
Models 1017, 1018 (Current production) Ratio 1.523:1 Page BW-02b
Models 71C, 72C (Early production) Ratio 1.91:1 Page BW-03a
Models 1017, 1018 (Current production) Ratio 1.88/1.99:1 Page BW-03b
Models 71C, 72C (Early production) Ratio 2.57/2.91:1 Page BW-04a
Models 1017, 1018 (Current production) Ratio 2.57/2.91:1 Page BW-04b
Models 71C, 72C (Early production) Ratio 2.10:1 Page BW-05a
Models 1017, 1018 (Current production) Ratio 2.10:1 Page BW-05b

CR2 Drop Center Units
Models 1013, 1014 Forward & Reverse Portion Page BW-06
Models 1013, 1014 Reduction (Idler & Nonidler) Portion Page BW-07

Models 1004,   1005
Gear and Chain Reduction Assembly Page BW-08

Series 1000
Offset Reduction Assembly Page BW-09
Inline / Direct Drive Assembly Page BW-10

Series 1500
Direct Drive Unit Page BW-11

Series 7000
Control Valve Assembly Page BW-12
Inline Configuration Page BW-13

73 Series
Direct Drive, Foward & Reverse of Reduction Models Page BW-14
Reduction Ratio 1.50:1) Page BW-15a
Reduction Ratio 2.00:1) Page BW-15b
Reduction Ratio 3.00:1) Page BW-16

Series 500
Mechanical Gearbox (Ratios: 1.48, 2.05, 2.53,2.94:1) Page BW-17

Series 5000
Transmission Assembly Page BW-18a
Valve and Pump Assembly Page BW-18b
Intermediat Shaft Assembly Page BW-19a
Input Shaft Assembly Page BW-19b

1016 (T-72 INDUSTRIAL)
Main Housing Assembly Page BW-20
Forward Clutch Assembly Page BW-21a
Inching valve Assembly Page BW-21b

1006 (T-73 INDUSTRIAL)
Complete Assembly Page BW-22

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