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Capitol Marine Catalog Index
Standard Clutch Assembly.Page CM-05
Standard Clutch Assembly (continued)Page CM-06
Control Valve Assembly.Page CM-07
Oil Pump Assembly (Transmission Mounted).Page CM-08
Oil Pump Assemblies (Engine Mounted)Page CM-09
Oil Pump Assembly (Pulley Driven).Page CM-10
Oil Dam/Driving Parts - 5HD-200.Page CM-11
Oil Dam/Driving Parts - HE-10200/10700,11200/11700.Page CM-12
Oil Dam/Driving Parts - HY-24000/25000.Page CM-13
Oil Dam/Driving Parts - HY-25000 with slinger.Page CM-14
Oil Dam/Driving Parts - HP-400/500.Page CM-15
Main Housing Parts - 5HD-200.Page CM-16
Main Housing Parts - 5HD-200 (continued).Page CM-17
Main Housing Parts - HY-400/HP-500Page CM-18
Main Housing Parts - HY-400/HP-500 (continued).Page CM-19
Main Housing Parts - HE-10200/10700 , 11200/11700.Page CM-20
Main Housing Parts - HE-10200/10700 , 11200/11700.Page CM-21
Main Housing Parts - HY-22000/24000/25000.Page CM-22
HY-22000/24000/25000, pinion shaft assembly.Page CM-23a
HY-22000/24000/25000, idler gear assembly.Page CM-23b
HY-22000/24000/25000, rear housing assembly.Page CM-24
HPV-9400, main assembly.Page CM-25
HPV-9400,  pinion shaft assembly.Page CM-26a
HPV-9400,  idler gear assembly.Page CM-26b
HPV-9400,  rear housing assembly.Page CM-27
Oil Filter Assembly - metal element type (washable).Page CM-28a
Oil Filter Assembly - paper element type (non-washable).Page CM-28b
Oil Cooler Assemblies (Typical Capitol Oil Coolers).Page CM-29

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