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Marine Transmission Rebuilding Proceedures
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Tear Down & Inspect
  • All transmissions are considered on a first in, first out basis.
  • Transmissions are totally disassembled.
  • Tranmission parts are washed in mineral spirits solution.
  • Expert marine technicians inspect the disassembled transmission for worn parts and any cause of failure.

Cost of Transmission Repair
  • Our customers are then given an exact cost of repair before any further work is performed.
  • Upon customer approval, the transmission is then rebuilt to factory specifications.
  • If the customer elects not to repair or replace the transmission, a tear down fee will be charged.  (The transmission will be returned disassembled.)
  • The tear down and inspect fee is waived if the transmission is scrapped, rebuilt, or replaced.

  • Rusted and corroded parts are bead blasted.
  • Re-washed in mineral spirits solution.
  • Assembled.
  • Thoroughly tested (for noise, leaks, cooler flow, temerature and pressure).
  • Primed and painted (with engine enamel).
  • Average in shop time is 2 - 4 days (when parts are in stock).
  • 90 day warranty on transmissions being rebuilt.

High Performance Modifications
  • Clutch plates are added to increase clutch capacity.
  • Increase of line pressure.
  • Reduce parasitic loss.
  • Due to the nature of high performance engines, there is no warranty on "modifications".

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